New ‘Apprentice’ Book Paints Trump as Wounded, Forgetful and Hung Up on Hollywood

The latest book about former President Donald Trump’s time on the reality TV show “The Apprentice” is painting a new picture of the controversial figure. Titled “Hollywood Godfather: The Life and Crimes of Billy Wilkerson,” the book reveals a side of Trump that many may not be familiar with.

According to the book, Trump is portrayed as a wounded and forgetful individual who is obsessed with Hollywood and its elite. Author Scott Eyman, a well-known Hollywood biographer, delves into Trump’s time on “The Apprentice” and uncovers some surprising details about the former president.

Eyman describes Trump as someone who is constantly seeking validation and approval from Hollywood insiders. He is portrayed as someone who is deeply insecure and constantly trying to prove himself to others. The book also reveals that Trump has a tendency to forget details and often gets hung up on trivial matters.

Despite his larger-than-life persona, Trump is shown to be a flawed and vulnerable individual in the book. Eyman paints a picture of a man who is struggling to find his place in the world and is constantly seeking attention and admiration from others.

The book sheds light on Trump’s complicated relationship with Hollywood and how it has influenced his behavior over the years. It also highlights the impact that his time on “The Apprentice” had on his political career and how it shaped his public image.

Overall, “Hollywood Godfather: The Life and Crimes of Billy Wilkerson” provides a new perspective on Donald Trump and offers readers a deeper understanding of the man behind the public persona. It is a fascinating look at a complex and controversial figure who continues to be a prominent figure in American politics.